Concrete Forms


Wall formwork crane-handled 

Description The Logik® panel system for crane handling, produces up to 1670 psf concrete pressure resistance from a strong panel. The panel frames are surface-finished with a hot-dip galvanizing to give longevity and lower maintenance, resulting in reduced costs. Manufactured to tight tolerances, panels are clamped rigidly together with a unique alignment and locking clamp with a single hammer blow. This action is so secure that form assemblies can then be crane-handled without additional structural members. A large number of re-uses are then feasible without the need for time-consuming stripping down.


The competitive edge you need

Logik® is the most popular of Harsco Infrastructure’s extensive line of forming systems. Logik is a steel-frame, plywood faced, modular craneset system that needs no walers, nuts or bolts. I ts labor-saving features provide you with reduced formwork costs and increased productivity.

  • Simple – only 3 main components: panels, clamps and ties
  • Quick – installs fast; unique clamping action eliminates stiffening components; large area panels mean fewer pieces to handle
  • Versatile – can be used on a wide range of wall forming applications