Concrete Forms

Harsco Studform®

Aluminum joist and waler gang systemConcrete Forms

The ultimate gang forming system in versatility, strength, and productivity. The STUDFORM® system is an aluminum joist and waler forming system, which can be designed and easily built to meet any jobsite condition. Depending upon ties and the spacing of the joists and walers, STUDFORM® gangs have been designed and used in applications requiring in excess of 3000 psf with a 2:1 factor of safety and L/360 deflection.

On typical gangs, ties can be spaced up to 6’ x 8’, with each tie supporting up to 96 contact square feet of form. The size of the gang is limited only by the capacity of your crane, and, you can attach any facing to get the architectural finish you need. STUDFORM® is the ultimate forming system.

STUDFORM® is better than most wood forms. Engineered aluminum components are not affected by moisture content, knots, or checking as in the case of wood.

  • dimensional stability, doesn’t warp, shrink, or swell
  • faster, easier, and more secure StudForm - Concrete Forms
  • high strength
  • low job site maintenance
  • longer component life
  • flexibility to re-assemble into other configurations
  • maximize tie capacity
  • Curved walls
  • Architectural finish
  • Straight walls
  • Environmental projects
  • Transportation projects
  • Energy projects
  • Shear walls
  • Compatible with Patent’s MOD-U-FORM® and LOGIK® systems


STUDFORM® Component Guide


Aluminum Blot  ALUMINUM J400 JOIST
A basic component used as a stud to back up plywood face. This joist is commonly used with all of Patent’s shoring systems. 
Lifting Lug  LIFTING LUG
The lifting lug is inserted between channels and bolted into the top hole of the channels. It provides a 4,000 lb lifting point with shackle for accommodation of a sling hook. 
The other basic structural component is the 8 inch double channel waler which supports the studs. They are delivered to the job site preassembled ready to use and come in lengths of 6’, 9’, 11’, 13’, and 16’. 
Structural component which allows the double aluminum walers to be bolted together into any length that a project requires. Full moment capacity. 
Waler Extension  WALER EXTENSION
Two nominal sizes - 2’ and 3’. Quick method to add to height of wall while gang is in place. Full moment capacity. 
Scaffold Bracket  SCAFFOLD BRACKET
The scaffold brackets are through-bolted into holes punched into the walers and are not dependent on friction 
Single Bolt Tie Plate  SINGLE BOLT TIE PLATE
A quick connect tie plate with capacity of 55,000 lbs with a 2:1 safety factor. 
pipe bracket  PIPE BRACE
Attaches to the web of walers. Adjustments range from 8’ to 20’. Plumbing can be accomplished from grade level. Unique screw adjustment does not disturb cross bracing because entire brace does not rotate.


STUDFORM® will accept a variety of ties up to 1 1/2” diameter. While you may have a particular choice of tie type and manufacturer, these are the three more popular types of ties available directly from Patent.

Coil Ties

Coil Ties
Fast threading, self cleaning, with quickly removed usable coil bolt. Expendable center piece available in two or four strut types. Supplied with or without water seals and cones.

She BoltsShe Bolts
Versatile, re-usable she bolt provides required setback without use of a cone and has positive disconnect. Can be placed through forms after both sides are in place. Can be used with various form thicknesses, with inner expandable tie rod sized with or without water stop.

Taper Ties

Completely re-usable tie offering economy and simple, fast assembly and stripped. Can be placed through forms after both sides are in place.