Concrete Forms

Hand-Set Forming System - Mod-U-Form

Mod-U-Form The Mod-U-Form® System is a high capacity lightweight forming system.

Strong – fabricated from high quality steel and 5/8” plywood face. The panel withstands concrete pour pressures up to 1200 PSF. Imperial dimensions - standard lengths include 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’.  Handset system – heaviest panel only 88 lbs.  Uniform form face – vertical end strut prevents end rails from bowing. This holds the form to a true dimension.  Fast and simple assembly.

Other lengths available as special order.

Each length of standard 24” (.61 m) wide panel is supplemented by narrower fillers. Also provided in all lengths are wider column panels. This full range of panel and filler sizes means that any length or height wall can be formed with standard components. Mod-U-Form