Mast Climbing Scaffold

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  • Incremental adjustments allow precise positioning for optimal productivity
  • Easy access for medium to large projects
  • Great for construction, renovation, and maintenance
  • Offers the greatest reach and quick access to any level
  • Versatility and flexibility are unrivaled in the scaffolding industry
  • FRACO also offers portable cranes and man/material hoists for easy access
  • Can reach curved walls and irregular surfaces 
  • Great for jobs over 20-25 feet 
  • Requires only one level of plank
  • Erection and dismantle, as well as sales and rental are available
  • Ease of erection and dismantle can save man hours
  • Fraco offers 4 different mast-climbing units for varying project purposes
  • Visit their website below to find out more!

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Fraco: Founded in 1991, offers a group of different mast climbing scaffold units to suit the needs of different types of projects and builds in all segments of construction (commercial, residential, industrial, institutional) 

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  • Central location in Buffalo, NY
  • Delivery and pick-ups available within one day's notice
  • Experienced, trained personnel
  • Emphasis on safety