Purchase & Rental

Purchase and Rental of ScaffoldingBison Scaffold & Masons Supply has found its niche as the scaffold specialist in Western New York.

Catering to the needs of contractors in all trades, our customers include masons, drywall contractors, plumbers, electricians, elevator services, plasterers, painters, pavers, and roofing specialists. We are set up to provide our customers with a wide range of scaffolding products and accessories. We have a fully stocked warehouse of Granite Industries and Bil-Jax scaffold.

Bison Scaffold & Mason Supply will advance its mission of supplying scaffold and related products efficiently, affordably, and with expertise by maintaining standards superior to its competitors:

  • Large, well maintained inventory
  • Quality product
  • Central location
  • Delivery and pick-ups available within one day’s notice
  • Experienced, trained personnel
  • Emphasis on safety

Here is an example of our insurance form:
Certificate of Liability Insurance

Bison Suppliers

Check out our suppliers websites by clicking their icons below, and see what each offers.

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